Dutch Nishikigoi Net
Award Welcome

The Dutch Nishikigoi Net opened in August 1996.  
Nishikigoi is the Japanese word for Koi, the literal translation meaning "brocaded coloured carp".  

The Pond

When the day is done, wanna unwind? Come sit in the shade by the pond. Listen to the water cascading down the waterfall. Watch the fish glide through the water. Feel the breeze blow across your back.

As night falls, the trickling water is still there, though the breeze is now a ghost of its former self. The cricket's chirp is heard from all around. A new sound soon appears if you are still. The calls of toads and frogs to their distant mates begin to arise from the darkness.

The occasional splash can be heard as the fish hit some insect or the other on the surface. The moonlight dances across the water on some nights, creating a surreal scene where the sky and the earth come together in a shimmering dance of light and dark.

Okay, so now you want a fish pond, huh? Of course it's not all quiet relaxation! More than once I came close to dunking the cat as she considers a fishing trip!

© Copyright 1996-1998 By 
Eduard Freeman